Change in three sessions

Our quickest change so far was with an individual who stammered when speaking to clients and management. Her manager asked us to step in as she was starting up with a new client and it was imperative she made a good impression. 

Three quick NLP sessions later, this is her feedback:

..."I thought I will discuss some progress with you. I have been trying the methods since our last session. This surely relaxes the mind and I feel confident every time I think the way you told me to.

I got to test myself at my appraisal meeting with two of my managers. I was super confident in the meeting and spoke fluently throughout.

Also, I feel more confident and interested to talk to people without being concerned about the stammering issue (the old issue :)). I have been meeting more people these days..."

We aim to more-than-please and am confident that the tool we use can empower and transform anyone. We're excited that the corporate is growing more open to deeper interventions over the vanilla training. Moving from PowerPoint-dependent to team/individual - specific programs is where our differentiator lies.

Nothing gives us greater joy than to see such real transformation and stickiness.