Living the dream

Founders Rahul George and Annelise Piers believe that human potential is enormous and needs to be effectively harnessed.

An outcome of two decades of personal development coaching, we have been working with people in the corporate environment as well as with individuals.

"What makes a difference in client consultations is that we focus on the results instead of the source of their problems. Every session leads the client to discover newer ways of being in control of more areas in their lives."


I always prided myself at being the maverick corporate facilitator, being able to teach complex concepts to adult learners through the most unconventional ways. Ever the hungry learner, I attended an NLP workshop, thinking it would be a wonderful teaching tool. But, it was so much more: 

Over the years I've applied the technology to my own personal wellness, standing lighter at 70kgs from 94kgs in 2010. This isn't the regular diet-workout-diet story but one where I literally loved my body into well-being Inside out, keeping the foods I love and doing forms of movement that called to me. My research and lab expanded to focus on working with the digestive system to balance hormones and turn off the fat switches in your body. Add this to working with your mind, its limiting beliefs, exploring metaphors of how one sees blocks to their wellness goals and you have a potent potion. 

I'm on a mission now to encourage women to take control of their health and this year, I intend to take my body of work to at least a 50 women a month.  

My ask is for you to connect us with HRs in corporates who value their women employees and also get together a group of neighbors and friends for a fun Mad Hatters' Tea Party

Annelise is Director of Corporate Wellness. Her asset is a combination of over 22 years in global business communications training, customer relations, and HR.

She is an NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer, licensed by co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler and the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programing (USA and UK).  For the last couple of years, she has been applying this  technology , backed by her  degree in Nutrition and Dietetics, to the areas of mental and physical wellness.


In my work, coaching people on their personal goals has seen them take on bigger challenges than they thought they could. I'm personally guilty of the same! 2015 saw me donning my running gear and going from 5ks to 17ks within a span of 6 months. I've had the pleasure of running both on Indian tracks as well as tracks in the USofA. As I prepare for my first Triathlon in 2017, I know this year is going to be special.

To make Personal Coaching more meaningful I've arrived at a basic minimum coaching program of 5 weeks for the novice coaching client. 
         For those who are really invested in wanting a smorgasbord of change in their lives - a lifestyle overhaul from the kind of work they do to a new equation in existing relationships or even a new relationship I spend 3 months with them to help them transition successfully.  

Having worked with people over the last decade, what I've seen is that people approach personal change very differently. 

Over the last 5 years I've been steadily focusing on coaching people's minds to get to where you want. One of the offshoots of this perspective has led to the creation of The Corporate Training Academy, a bespoke program that creates change at the highest level within the organization - from the CEO to Senior Management, targeting a top-down approach to coaching.  

This is the year for you to turn your most difficult desires into a reality I’m looking forward to working with you over the next twelve months.  

Rahul is Director Corporate and Personal Coaching and drives the Corporate Training Academy (CTA). He has trained with the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler  (USA and UK) as Master Practitioner and got his NLP Trainer License in 2013.  His formal education in behavioural training began  with his Degree in Psychology,  Diploma in Counselling and Advanced Reiki  Practitioner.

With over 10000 people trained since 2004, Rahul has been evolving the process of quick behaviour change. His own brand of personal empowerment uses the technologies of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Applied Theatre.